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If you have been considering alternative options to a hospital birth, you have come to the right place! As the first free-standing birth center to be located in Colorado Spring, Beginnings Birth Center is proud to offer a variety of home birth services to mothers and families considering a birth at home.

Our home births always include pre-delivery consultations and plans, as well as midwives and personalized care. You deserve to have the delivery that you desire. Let us take care of you and your beautiful baby!


Why home birth?

Home birth is not for everyone, but hospital-based birth care is also not for everyone. I attended births in hospitals for nine years before I started attending home births. I also had two births in a hospital myself, and two at home. I believe home birth should be available as an option for all women who desire it and for whom it is a safe option (which is most – at least 85% of women qualify as low-risk). There are risks and benefits to all health care decisions, and the home or hospital for birth decision is no different. For most low-risk women, home birth is a very safe option, with a trained and qualified attendant.

Birth at home can be a very empowering experience. Most women report that, compared to birth in a hospital, they have less pain and a faster labor overall during a home birth. We think this is related to not having to move locations in the middle of the process as well as being able to truly listen to the body’s own cues as to what position or place to be. There’s also the possibility that feeling in control at home factors into faster and easier labor since sometimes the underlying feeling of being expected to be submissive as a “patient” at the hospital factors into the labor progress. Partners also almost always report feeling more connected and involved during a home birth – the focus at home is on the family as a whole.

You may choose a waterbirth and/or use the tub for labor. We supply a blow-up birth tub for use in your home if you desire the option. We are very experienced in attending water births and are happy to discuss the ins and outs of water for labor and birth.


Is water birth an option at my home birth? What is water birth? Is it safe?

Yes! We’re excited to be able to attend water births as an option in your home. We have blow-up water birth tubs that we supply if you would like this option for your labor and/or birth (the LaBassine or Oasis birth pools, which can be seen here). The liner for the borrowed tub and the hose to fill and empty it are available in your birth kit that is ordered at about 34 weeks of pregnancy. You can find out more information about our water birth services by visiting our water birth information page.

Some links to more information on water birth:


What if something happens?

Birth is as safe as life gets, meaning it’s a natural process, but that sometimes things can still go wrong. If something happens prenatally that dictates home birth is no longer a safe option, We would refer you to services appropriate for you to get the safest care for you and your baby. Sometimes that means a transfer of care to a physician, sometimes that means sending you into a hospital for more urgent needs, and sometimes we can transfer to a hospital-based midwifery service.

During labor, there are varied reasons we may have to change plans from home to hospital care. The most common reasons aren’t emergencies and almost always allow for discussion and consideration of options before proceeding with the transfer. In these cases, we go by private vehicle to the hospital, and we follow and become support persons in the hospital during the transfer process at least until you are settled in and a plan is discussed. Upon arrival to the hospital, a hospital provider, usually a physician, will assume the provider role. In the rare instance of a true emergency, whether before or after the birth, 911 is called and an ambulance is used for transport.

One of the advantages of a homebirth with our team is that we take steps to prevent problems before they happen, can recognize any issues early because there are at least two attendants focused just on you and your baby, and when things come up that can’t be avoided or foreseen, we can act quickly to get the care you need to keep you and baby as safe as possible.

If you’re still uncertain about choosing a home birth, do not feel pressured into making that decision. You can choose to deliver in our Birth Center! Our birth center is conveniently located right down the street from a hospital. This can give you the peace of mind you need while allowing you to deliver your baby in the location of your choosing.


Giving birth at home provides you with familiar and comfortable surroundings. There are a number of factors to consider regarding your delivery. Here are a few things you should consider to determine whether or not you should choose a home birth:

If you are likely to have complications during your delivery, a hospital birth is most likely ideal. This includes women with pre-existing medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, a recent previous c-section or other uterine surgery, twins (or more), or a history of pregnancy complications, such as premature labor or preeclampsia.

You also need to be committed to giving birth without medication, preparing your home for the delivery, and plan for post-delivery support in the days after you give birth.

Keep in mind that not all insurance companies and HMOs cover home birth costs We do our best to get an estimate of what coverage with your insurance plan is likely to look like early in your pregnancy.

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Beginnings Bulletin: May 2018

We are so excited to announce that construction began last week on Beginnings Birth Center! Old walls are coming down and the new space is starting to take shape. The layout includes 3 birth suites, 4 exam rooms, a beautiful family – friendly waiting room, reception desk, education space, and kitchen.


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