The Birth Center Difference

“Facilitating happy, natural birth is our expertise.”


The Birth Center Difference

A birth center is a specialized, free-standing facility focused on facilitating healthy, low-risk pregnancy and natural birth in the midwifery and wellness models of care. This means that low-risk pregnancy and birth are viewed as a wonderful, normal life event. We believe that a woman’s body was designed to be successful in childbirth and rarely needs medical intervention. We know that, if desired, laboring and birthing in the water is safe and effective.

We support the freedom to labor and birth in whatever location and position that your body feels best. We encourage laboring moms to eat and drink to nourish their bodies. You will have access to desirable amenities in our spa-like birthing suites with custom waterbirth tubs. We can provide IV hydration if needed, as well as medications and supplies to manage most complications that could arise. We know that women will labor most effectively in an environment and with whom they feel safe. 

Studies consistently show that an out-of-hospital birth significantly reduces the chances of unwanted interventions. Your Beginnings Birth Center team will ensure that you receive unique and personalized care in a safe, relaxing, and comfortable atmosphere throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

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