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Spinning Babies

Did you know there are movements and lifestyle changes you can do now during pregnancy to promote an easier birth? We can help your body get into alignment which helps your baby into alignment for a smoother delivery!


Starting at 20-24 Weeks:

In our bodies we have many structures – including bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia – that support our abdominal and pelvic organs. Fun fact – these structures are all connected and all play important roles in how our baby is positioned in the uterus. Almost every person has natural imbalances in these different structures due to our daily lifestyle and habits. Working to balance, lengthen, and increase range of motion of these structures now and throughout the remainder of pregnancy can promote an ideal position for your baby to begin labor and allows for smoother, easier deliveries. 


Here is a list of Daily Activities that help bring comfort to pregnancy and help prepare for an easier childbirth (click link for more details):

Extra Credit


Lifestyle adjustments: to minimize body imbalances 



If you instead need one thing to focus on: Work through Spinning Babies Three Balances Every Day. We often suggest this in early labor so it’s great practice!

**note when to avoid certain movements


The Jiggle: activates the parasympathetic nervous system allowing for rest & digest. This is meant to target the fascia which is situated between the skin and muscle. You need only VERY light movements to help release the fascia allowing for relaxation of the supporting structures and increased range of motion. This does not need to be performed on both sides of the body. Aim for 15 minutes in an area (think low back, sacrum, hips, shoulders, glutes, etc. wherever there is tension!)

Forward Leaning Inversion: helps to make room in the lower part of the uterus and helps to “reset” important ligaments that surround the uterus. During pregnancy aim for 3 deep breaths inverted – loosen your belly but keep shoulders strong, let your head hang freely, keep your neck long but keep your chin tucked – and then 3 breaths upright – it is important to come all the way back up to a high kneeling position, take 2 breaths then sit on your heels and take one more breath and that is it for the day! It is important to remember that coming back upright is what helps reset the uterus into the pelvic bowl and allows your ligaments to settle more symmetrically. Keep your legs together and swing them around in front of you (mermaid legs) to come out of the position – don’t undo all that work you did by using poor body mechanics when coming out of the pose! If your baby is in a head-down position do not do this more than once per day. If your baby is in a breech position – your midwife will give you more specific instructions for helping to turn a breech.

Side-lying Release: helps to soften and lengthen the pelvic floor. It is important to keep good body alignment – shoulders stacked & hips stacked throughout the stretch. The pregnant person needs to lift the top leg up and over their opposite thigh and allow it to be dead-weight hanging off the side of whatever the pregnant person is lying on. The toes on the bottom leg that is straight should be flexed. The top leg should hang for about 2.5 minutes, and it is very important for this to be done on both sides! You may even consider adding in the jiggle to help relax the top leg and deepen the stretch. 


Spinning Babies Daily Essentials DVD : Prenatal yoga and more!

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