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Lactation Support

First Latch and Beyond

Breastfeeding has so many benefits, from bonding with baby to the unique super-food properties of breastmilk. Breastfeeding is very natural but can often be challenging while mom and baby are both learning how to work together. Beginnings Birth Center is happy to support this journey. All birth center clients can take a breastfeeding class as part of the educational services at the birth center. We also support uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact during the first hours after birth. Baby may latch on his or her own during this time, or a birth center nurse or midwife would be happy to give suggestions with positioning and latch. We encourage all clients to research Lactation Consultants (link to Lactation Resources in Recommendations section) that can come provide support right in your home during the first days after birth, and the nurse-midwives can answer questions and give support on the client portal or during postpartum visits as well.

We also understand that not every mother wants to or can breastfeed, and we support doing the best thing for you and your family! Whether you choose to formula feed, pump and bottle-feed, or a combination of these options, we are happy to provide information and resources to support your choices.

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Breastfeeding Appointments and Groups

Mothers who attend breastfeeding groups tend to breastfeed longer and report more satisfaction with their breastfeeding experience. Additional evaluation and support with breastfeeding can also go a long way towards a successful breastfeeding journey. Beginnings Birth Center offers Breastfeeding Appointments at least once-a-week with a Certified Lactation Educator or IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). Birth center clients are expected to come to at least one Breastfeeding appointment and are 6-visits are included in the first 6-weeks postpartum. During these visits, clients have the opportunity for basic breastfeeding evaluations including a quick check of baby’s weight and vitals, as well as a chance to discuss specific questions and challenges. Beginnings Birth Center is also happy to be a location for local La Leche League meetings where clients can continue group breastfeeding support.

Human Donor Milk

Beginnings Birth Center is very excited to be a location for purchase of Human Donor Milk from Mother’s Milk Bank. Human Donor Milk offers families the option to supplement, when necessary, with breastmilk instead of formula. Donor milk is available for purchase at cost from the birth center by any family in our community who needs this option. All donor milk is screened, pasteurized, and tested prior to distribution.

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