Newborn Care

Routine Newborn Care

The nurse-midwives at the birth center provide well-baby care for the first 2 weeks of baby’s life. This includes routine visits at 24-48 hours, 4-6 days, and 2 weeks. This also includes phone and text support for any urgent needs in the first days, informational support in these first weeks through the client portal for any questions that come up, and follow-up visits for any concerns with baby’s weight or bilirubin levels. We can complete newborn metabolic screening, hearing screening, and pulse-oximetry screening for heart defects during these visits. We usually suggest you call your baby’s pediatrician/family provider’s office after the 2-week visit to schedule the one-month well baby check. Once we receive the results from baby’s 2-week lab-tests, we will send all baby’s records to your baby’s provider.

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We offer circumcision to clients who choose this option with our nurse-midwives. We schedule these appointments about a week after birth so we can make sure baby is feeding and growing well before performing this surgical procedure. We do require the Vitamin K injection after birth to perform circumcision at the birth center. We offer the gomco clamp method for circumcision as an outpatient procedure with the nurse-midwife and an assistant who comforts baby through the circumcision. We then monitor the baby for about 30 minutes after the circumcision and provide after care information for going home.