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Being pregnant, giving birth, having a baby, taking care of a newborn, and simply adjusting to the life changes that occur alongside parenthood can be an exciting, exhausting, and difficult experience. There is so much reward that comes along with parenthood. This is why we offer a large number of small group sessions. Beginnings Birth Center strives to provide a sense of community that is missing in much of society today. We truly believe in the saying, “it takes a village…”

No matter what stage of parenthood you are in, we are here to help out. There are a large variety of small groups that we provide for mothers, from pre-birth all the way through stages of motherhood. Dads and partners – there’s no need to feel left out. We are proud to offer small groups for fathers and partners. Looking for a small group that you both can attend? We have plenty of small groups that are perfect for both mom and dad to attend together!

Some of the groups that we provide include Due date groups, birth clubs, new mom classes, new dad boot camp, postpartum support groups, mommy and me classes, new dad meetup groups, and more. There is no need to go through the ups and downs of parenthood alone. Regularly attending a small group session can help you relax and relate to other parents that are experiencing the same stage of life as you. So, take a little time for yourself and your well-being and attend a small group session. You can even try it just once to see if it’s the right fit for you! If any of these sounds like something you’re in need of or interested in, please don’t hesitate to ask us for more information!

Our small groups are a great place to share experiences with others that can relate. So, take a look at the small groups we offer to find the one that is right for you! Don’t forget to check our schedule to find out when your desired group is meeting. You won’t want to miss this experience.

Due Date Groups/ Birth Clubs

Attending a due date group or birth club is a great option for expectant mothers and fathers. You will select the month that your baby is due and attend a regular session throughout the entire pregnancy. This means that the other parents attending the session will be experiencing their pregnancies on the same timeline as you. Meeting with other expectant parents can help you navigate your pregnancy stages and relate to one another. You can discuss symptoms, birthing plans, maternity clothing, supplies, and more. Share the knowledge and experience of your pregnancy with each other!

New Mom Classes

You’ve just had your first baby and you’re navigating through this new stage of life. You may not be getting enough sleep, but your beautiful newborn has made it all worth it. We are happy to offer new mom classes that allow new mothers to discuss their experiences with one another. Share some tips and tricks with mom’s that are struggling with something you have already overcome, ask questions about something new, and simply gather to allow one another some time to relax and relish in new motherhood.

New Dad Bootcamp

This is something that new dads won’t want to miss. Attend our new dad boot camp, talk with other new dads, and hear from veteran dads that will share their experience in an honest and open forum. Veteran dads will share the things that they found to be the most important. This valuable information will help you get a leg up on being the best dad that you can be.

Postpartum Support Groups

After all the anticipation and waiting, your newborn has arrived. Not only has your body gone through a lot up to this point, but your life has changed with the arrival of your newborn. Our postpartum support group is specifically made for mothers who have just given birth. At this group, you can share your experiences as a mother and listen to others share their own experiences. We highly recommend any mothers that have just given birth to attend these sessions.

Mommy & Me Classes

The first year of your time with your baby is often spent somewhat isolated. Our mommy and me classes give moms the opportunity to have a fun day out with their babies! You can look forward to spending some quality time with your baby. Mommy and me classes also provide activities that are an important part of their learning. Socialize with your baby and other families!

New Dad Meetup Groups

As first-time parents, we are all experiencing the same lifestyle changes. Fathers play an important role in their family’s lives. When you attend one of our new dad meetup groups, you will be able to discuss the ups and downs of new parenthood with other new fathers that are experiencing the same things. Share the joys of your new experience together!

Support groups for new parents have been proven to provide so many positive opportunities for both the parents and children. Discussing parenthood with others can provide stress-relief, as well as positive self-evaluation. You don’t have to go through parenthood feeling isolated! Share your story in a productive, relaxing, safe space at Beginnings Birth Center. When parents feel positive, their children do too!

There are plenty of groups dedicated to family bonding time, as well. Keep an eye out for our parent and child bonding groups. These classes will provide wonderful learning opportunities for your child, as well as a fun day out of the house for both you and baby. These are just a few of the group options that you can choose from. If there’s a parenting life stage that you would like a support group for, Beginnings Birth Center is glad to help you find your perfect fit.

Please be aware that not all groups meet on a consistent basis. Keep an eye on our schedule to be sure that you don’t miss your group’s meetup!

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