Admin Assistant, Education Center Coordinator, and Marketing/Outreach Liaison
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Candace is our admin assistant, education center coordinator and marketing/outreach liaison. Her background includes a love for natural medicine, a B.A. in Biology, Childbirth Education certification through the Birth Connection, Labor Doula certification through CAPPA, Lactation Educator certification through CAPPA, Neonatal Resuscitation certification through NRP, homebirth midwife assistant since 2007 and owner of the Westside Birth Connection since 2005. She currently teaches childbirth classes and lactation classes out of the birth center. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her family, explore nature and play tennis.

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Celebrating Breastfeeding

We would like to give a nod to Breastfeeding! Hoorah for the labor of love! Of lactating, chest/breast feeding, pumping and hand expressing (just to name a few ways) that goes into feeding and nourishing our babies.  At Beginnings Birth Center we encourage and support...

Hydrating with infused waters and electrolytes!

Hydrating with infused waters and electrolytes. A huge part of a healthy pregnancy and lifestyle is about adopting habits that promote ongoing wellness. For some of us this is simple and for others it takes a lot more effort!  Drinking Enough Water to Hydrate...

COVID-19 Update for Beginnings Birth Center

We are keeping up with all the updates with the pandemic as they come. Thanks for hanging in there with all the changes so far! Along those lines, we will be going back to all office visits being in person starting Monday 4/27/20 if everyone in your home is well and...

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