Lianne Mercer

Lianne Mercer

A 5-Star Facebook Review

“I would highly recommend Jolene and the team at Springs Midwifery and Women’s Care. This was our second birth but our first home birth. I had certain things I expected from the experience but both my husband and I had a lot of questions.” Read more…

Valencia Bynes

Valencia Bynes

A 5-Star Facebook Review

“From my first meeting with Jolene, she has been nothing short of amazing. This being my third and last child, I truly wanted the ultimate birth experience. Jolene and her team did everything possible to make my pregnancy and delivery exactly how I imagined it would be.” Read more…

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2020 – International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife!

Welcome to the Beginnings Birth Center Blog!  Here you can read about the latest and greatest happenings in midwifery, women’s health and newborn care.  The midwives and their friends at Beginnings Birth Center will share their passion for all things birth...

R & R: The Key to The Bradley Method®

What are your first thoughts when it comes to natural childbirth? So often when I show birth DVDs in my Bradley Method® classes, I probe my students with, “What do you think?” Ninety-nine percent of the time I hear, “The mom was so calm! I always thought women scream...

Prenatal Fitness Classes at Beginnings Birth Center!

Pregnancy is not weak or fragile state; is the ultimate state of female fitness.  Pregnancy physiology is fascinating. When a woman becomes pregnant, we see the exact same physiological adaptations as a non-pregnant person who starts a fitness program. These...

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