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Requirements for Birth Center Care

We believe in relationship-based care. We know that clients have expectations from us as care-providers, and we also have expectations from our clients. We expect clients to be active participants in their own care and stay as healthy and low-risk as possible so that they can have the birth they desire. While we deeply respect a client’s right to informed decision-making, we do have a few care requirements to help determine that a client is low-risk and eligible for birth center care.

Birth Center Care Requirements


  • Initial prenatal blood tests
  • 28-week blood tests
  • Gestational diabetes screening
  • 20-week Anatomy ultrasound
  • Testing for Group Beta Strep
  • Brief, positional ultrasound at about 36-weeks
  • Regular attendance at prenatal appointments
  • Intermittently listening to baby’s heartrate during labor with a handheld doppler. Nothing is strapped to your belly after admission to the birth center in labor.

Birth Center Educational and Support Requirements


Birth Center clients can also expect the birth center team to set them up for as successful of an experience as possible, and we have learned that education and support are essential parts of this experience. The following are the educational and support requirements for birth center clients:

  • A Doula from our approved list is required for all first time parents, as well as all first time VBAC parents and those whose last birth was with an epidural. Sometimes a doula is required if deemed necessary by your midwives.
  • An approved, comprehensive, natural childbirth education course for first time moms or those planning their first unmedicated birth.
  • Breastfeeding class for those planning to breastfeed (a breastfeeding class is included in the educational services offered at the birth center).
  • Newborn care class
  • Attendance at our Beginnings’ Birth and Postpartum Class (this class is included as part of prenatal care and is attended at some point during 32-36 weeks of pregnancy).