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COVID Safety

Covid Safety is 1st at Beginnings Birth Center

Beginnings Birth Center Puts Safety First

At Beginnings Birth Center covid safety is a top priority & we continue to be open for healthy moms all around Colorado. If you have any of the following signs, symptoms, or history when you go into labor or within the last few weeks of your pregnancy, then you need to discuss this with your midwife team:

-If you have had a FEVER in the last 48 hours
-If you have a COUGH or other respiratory symptoms
-If you have FLU-LIKE symptoms such as BODY ACHES or CHILLS
-If you have TRAVELED or been EXPOSED to anyone suspected of the coronavirus in the last 14 days

Covid Safety procedures at Beginnings Birth Center

We are currently restricting birth visitors to two adults (over the age of 15) who you plan to have in the room with you throughout your stay. These visitors need to not have any of the above signs, symptoms, or history as well. This will be strictly enforced, and visitors will be asked to leave if there are signs of illness it is nothing personal but us as a community we have to make sure we are taking the proper steps for Covid Safety.

We will also be taking the temperature of everyone accompanying you upon arrival, including our staff, and a temperature above 99.5 will require that the person leave immediately.

Children age 15 or under cannot come into the birth center at this time due to the increased risk of asymptomatic transmission in this age group.

Visitors will not be allowed in our waiting areas at this time. Any person who will not be in the birth room with you throughout your stay will need to plan to wait at a different location.

Doulas and/or Birth Photographers are not considered “visitors” by Beginnings Birth Center – they are important members of the birth team and will continue to be welcomed at the birth center as long as they are also healthy and do not have a fever. We are reaching out to the Doulas and Birth Photographers that work with our clients to make sure they understand the current situation and our expectations when it comes to Covid Safety.

You may see us wearing masks during your labor, birth, and postpartum.

If a transfer is required to hospital care from the birth center, the midwife or nurse attending your labor and birth would typically accompany you. Unfortunately, this is not possible at this time due to necessary hospital restrictions on visitors to one visitor (they include us in that number). We will do all the care up to the time you get into the transport ambulance, and then care will be assumed by the ambulance crew for the short ride to the hospital, and then by the OB group at the hospital.

We have an excellent ambulance company, Rocky Mountain, who does transports for us, and report will be given and records faxed to the hospital before and/or during transport. 

Postpartum visits will be held at the usual intervals of visits at the birth center at 24-48 hours, around 4-6 days (though this could potentially be a telehealth video chat visit if nothing needs to be rechecked besides the baby’s weight, to be determined by the midwife), and at about 2 weeks postpartum.

Your health is our 1st prority at Beginnings Birth Center

This has been a very hard decision for our staff to make as we understand these changes may be difficult for our clients. We would not make these changes if we did not feel it was absolutely necessary for the health and well-being of our clients when it comes to Covid Safety. We are happy to answer questions you have about these changes, and we will update our clients as necessary as we continue to monitor this situation.

Covid Safety is 1st at Beginnings Birth Center Join us for top birth care treatment and join our community of happy healthy families looking for the best of the best birth center care. we would love to be an extension of our birth care family. For more information see here: