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The Birth Center can provide you with the comfort and flexibility of a home birth, while you can feel confident and safe knowing that we are closely located to a hospital and have all our equipment immediately on hand. Our certified nurse midwives and registered nurses will take care of you through every stage of your pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. You have access to a variety of luxury amenities to help you during your delivery process, including spa-like birthing suites and even custom waterbirth tubs. At the birth center, you also have the option of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, as a tool to help through labor.

Our Nurse-Midwives are not limited to providing care just during pregnancy – we can care for you in every season of life, puberty through menopause! Our services include but are not limited to, family plannings, preconception counseling, mental health care, annual exams, pap smears, bleeding & breast irregularities, and difficulty with sex. Our Nurse-Midwives are licensed in all 50 states and, unlike professional midwives, can prescribe medication and order/ perform procedures like ultrasounds, labs and other tests. We are also educated and certified to provide newborn care for healthy children until they are 28 days old.

Water immersion is an excellent way to improve comfort and relaxation during labor and birth. It can be safe and beneficial to both mom and baby for baby to be born in the pool of warm water. The buoyancy and warmth are a help to the mom in labor and facilitate position changes and relaxation. We sometimes call the labor and birth tub the “midwife’s epidural” because it can facilitate relaxation so well (it does not take the pain completely away like an epidural, but does help). Water Births are offered for both our Birth Center & Home Birth clientele.

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Beginnings Bulletin: May 2018

We are so excited to announce that construction began last week on Beginnings Birth Center! Old walls are coming down and the new space is starting to take shape. The layout includes 3 birth suites, 4 exam rooms, a beautiful family – friendly waiting room, reception desk, education space, and kitchen.


“We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” – Laura Stavoe Harm

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