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Placenta Use Recomendations

If you’re considering placenta encapsulation, here are some professionals who offer this service:

  1. Colleen Newton Website: Into Loving Arms

  2. Jessica Nipp Website: Holistic Home Birth

  3. Sarah Hathor Website: Hello Wellness

You can also conduct a Google search to explore more options.

When opting for placenta encapsulation, please note the following guidelines:

  • If you choose to have your placenta encapsulated, you’ll need to take it with you when leaving the birth center. Otherwise, it will be stored in a freezer at the birth center.
  • While you may request to pick up your placenta after leaving the birth center, please be aware that placentas are regularly disposed of, and storage cannot be guaranteed.
  • In cases where there are significant clinical concerns, such as the baby requiring resuscitation or abnormalities in the placenta, encapsulation may not be recommended. Placentas in such situations may be sent to UCHealth Laboratory for evaluation under the guidance of the midwife.

Ensure to discuss any questions or concerns regarding placenta encapsulation with your healthcare provider for personalized guidance.