Educational Resources

Childbirth Education

We require a certificate of completion, or note from the instructor, that you have completed a comprehensive in person childbirth education course. This requirement is applicable for all first-time parents and those who have only given birth with pain medications.

These classes are approved by the birth center staff as comprehensive childbirth education:

We also require a separate Newborn Care class and a separate Breastfeeding Class for first-time parents, and a breastfeeding class for select experienced parents. One of the multi-week courses above includes these separate classes (Westside Birth Connection). Classes that do not include these as noted above will require that they be taken separately.

The Breastfeeding Class offered by Westside Birth Connection can be taken by birth center clients without an additional charge. These classes are held once a month at the birth center. The recommended time frame to take the breastfeeding class is about 32-36 weeks so the information is fresh in your mind. You can find a list of dates here

The following classes are only a refresher course and will satisfy the childbirth education requirement only for a second (or more) time parents in certain situations (must be approved by one of the midwives):