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Statistics for Beginnings Birth Center's 1st Year

Statistics for Beginnings Birth Center’s 1st Year

1st Year Statistics – Running a birth center means keeping track of LOTS and LOTS of numbers. We keep statistics for many reasons. For accreditation and licensure, for quality improvement, and some just for fun! We are happy to share the statistics from our first year. There have been many many wonderful moments along with some very tough moments, and through it all we would like to express our appreciation for the amazing clients. Whom we’ve had the honor of caring for in our first year serving southern Colorado.

Our Statistics for the 1st Year

Statistics for Beginnings Birth Center's 1st Year

Beginnings Birth Center provided care to 378 pregnant persons in 2019. This includes those who birthed with us, those who transferred care, and those who are still pregnant. 8-10% of clients transferred care during pregnancy but before labor. This was for many reasons including those who move out of the area. Those who decided to have a home or hospital birth, and those who developed medical risk factors and needed to transfer care.

In the Care of Beginnings Birth Center

178 mothers birthed their babies in the care of Beginnings Birth Center team. Of those, 162 babies were born at the Birth Center. 16 babies were Home Birth (before our team moved exclusively to the birth center). 88.8% of clients admitted to Beginnings care in labor birthed at the birth center or at home. 11.2% of clients transferred to the hospital in labor, the most common reason was that 11 babies required continuous fetal monitoring. 8 clients desired additional interventions for pain. Of the clients who began labor under the care of Beginnings Birth Center team (so including those who did transfer to the hospital): 93.8% had a vaginal birth and 6.2% had a c-section. 

The rate for clients having their first c-section was 5.8%. And there was 1 repeat c-section due to baby being breech when labor began but before being admitted to the birth center. This means that 100% of clients planning a VBAC when admitted to the birth center had a vaginal birth. 1% of clients transferred to the hospital postpartum. And 1% of newborns transferred to the hospital after birth.

Some other interesting labor statistics: 63% of births were water births (either at home or at the birth center). 43% of clients hired a Doula for labor. 13% of clients used nitrous oxide analgesia.  4% of clients got an epidural. 1.5% of clients had a vacuum or forceps assisted birth. 1 client had a medically indicated episiotomy. 68.7% of clients had no tears or no repair needed. 24.6% of clients had 1st or 2nd degree perineal tears with repair. 1% of clients had a 3rd degree perineal tear. These were after transfer to the hospital.

Additional Statistics for our 1st Year

We cared for 76 first time mothers and a mother who birthed her 8th baby. Our clients ranged from 16 years old to 42 years old. 100% of babies born at home or at the birth center received delayed cord clamping longer than 3 minutes (most of the cords were not cut for 1-2 hours or more). 12% of the babies required initial help with breathing, but only 1% required more extensive resuscitation measures. Weights for babies born at home or at the birth center ranged from 4lbs 10oz to 10lbs 8oz, and there were 75 girls and 87 boys.

An absolutely incredible 1st Year

It has been an absolutely incredible year. From all the families whose births and lives touched our hearts to the incredible support from our community. We can not express how grateful we are for our team, our clients, and the Colorado Springs community. We look forward to sharing more numbers for years to come!

2020 – International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife!