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The Benefits of Belly Binding After Birth

The Benefits of Belly Binding After Birth


Belly binding can be helpful for many different reasons in your postpartum days. It can promote the shrinking of the uterus (involution) that is supposed to happen after birth. It also helps support your back and your abdominal muscles – they are weaker after carrying the baby and giving birth. We also tend to use our back muscles a lot after having a baby and can cause further damage to occur if those muscles aren’t supported – positions that allow you to tend to your new baby for changing, feeding, and carrying all are typically hard on women’s bodies postpartum.
Many also report belly binding may help with emotions after birth. Those who have gone on to practice belly binding have reported feeling a sense of ‘groundedness’ and “re-centering” of their bodies after just opening up so much space in their body for their babies.
Most moms I see end up with something called diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) after baby. While this isn’t usually permanently harmful, it takes care and exercise to get the muscles back together and to make the core strong again. Belly binding can definitely help speed the healing process.
One local doula (and mom), Madison Lopez, with Blessed Birth Doula Services, recently filmed a tutorial on a specific type of belly binding – “Bengkung Belly Binding“. It can be done with help or alone – as Madison demonstrates in her videos. Check it out and try it for yourself!